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You can now add Strata or Community searches to your Council search requests.
What does this mean for you?


With this exciting development, you can now order your Strata or Community search at the same time you order your Council search, via the Searchlight portal (not in our integration partners as yet, but this will be coming soon).

Place your Council search as normal, and if the property is a Strata or Community title, you will be able to choose from our extensive list of Property managers and choose either a Section 41 OR Section 139, depending on what you need, in the same transaction.

Apartment Buildings
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What are the benefits of using the Searchlight for Strata & Community Searches?


  1. One easy-to-use ordering system.  Order both Council and Strata or Community in the one transaction.

  2. Simple payment: Your credit card details are stored at registration and receipts are automatically sent to you, saving you significant time on future orders. No more EFT transactions to worry about.

  3. Third Party: Let Searchlight take care of the communication and chasing for you.

  4. Keep updated in real-time: You'll be notified via email as soon as your search has been returned from the property manager, and will be uploaded onto the Searchlight portal.
    Your Dashboard will keep you updated of the search progress.

How do I get started?

You will need to be registered with Searchlight to access the portal. We have a team ready to assist with this if needed.

Already a Searchlight user?

You will have access to this from today, nothing you will need to do. Please reach out if you need assistance.

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