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What out clients are saying

We really wanted to streamline our processes and make our lives easier. Having to order council searches and Strata searches from all different companies with each having their own process and requirements was very time consuming.

Searchlight was a game changer. They offered to handle the process from start to finish, including the follow up of free updates. And when they announced the Form 1 service we were hooked, line and sinker!
O'Halloran Conveyancing

Adcocks has had the opportunity to pilot the new Searchlight portal for the ordering of council searches including updated rate certificates.  The portal is easy to use and is a more streamlined way of requesting council responses.  The portal has saved processing time when ordering searches and makes it easier to reconcile our monthly statements as we now have a register of all the searches we have ordered for the month.  This is long overdue and a welcome initiative.
Thanks Searchlight
Just a further comment as we have used Searchlight a few times now.
It is fantastic!!!
Thank you!!!
We have been very happy with the system and the time we have saved by using Searchlight
The Council search through Searchlight is great.  Quick, easy and I like the fact that there is a record which stays in the system.
Easy Peasy! I will be spruiking this to every Conveyancer I know
It only took a minute to register and has saved us time already.
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