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Simplifying council and strata searches, and Form1 preparation for conveyancers, legal, and real estate professionals.

Workflow Solutions

Efficient Council Searches

  • Quick and efficient council search processing.

  • Order online and receive results electronically.

  • Secure payment gateway

  • Instantly alert councils when a search is ordered.

  • Upload and receive documents electronically.

Comprehensive Strata Searches

  • Streamlined strata and community search requests

  • Add strata or community searches to your council search requests.

Pre-Populated Form1s Made Easy

  • Order with ease via the Searchlight portal.

  • We handle all data entry and statutory searches.

  • Accessible in REI Forms Live or AIC Forms Live.


  • Faster processing.

  • Reduced manual work for council staff.

  • Secure and efficient payment system.



  • Save time by combining searches.

  • Comprehensive property information.


  • One easy-to-use ordering system.

  • Automatic payments and receipts.

  • Real-time updates and notifications.

We really wanted to streamline our processes and make our lives easier. Having to order council searches and Strata searches from all different companies with each having their own process and requirements was very time consuming.

Searchlight was a game changer. They offered to handle the process from start to finish, including the follow up of free updates. And when they announced the Form 1 service we were hooked, line and sinker!

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